• Michaela

  • Graphic designer, blogger, photographer & WordPress extraordinaire. I approach every project from the view that I can learn something from it. To better my skill set, provide more value to my clients, and create better end results.

    In my free time, I run a blog called Happy Apple and shoot wedding photography. I love getting to use these skills from my outside projects on design projects, whether a project needs a photograph or some social media work, I can do it all.

  • Gunnar

  • Software engineer, developer, and general computer wiz.

Hello, there!

We are a husband and wife app and web development team.

In 2014, we started working on some small projects together. Gunnar was getting plenty of freelance work and sometimes those would need design services. Slowly Michaela started working on more and more projects and taking a greater role in the design of the projects.

In 2015, we were working on enough projects together that we decided we needed to take our business to the next level and started actively taking on projects where we were doing all the aspects of the project.

We can do anything from design to development on any platform. IOS, Android, Web Applications, and WordPress websites.

Our Work

Web & Mobile App

Our Process

It is important to have a clear process when creating apps and web projects. This helps keep the project on track and clearly defines the scope of the project. While we like that ideas start flowing when you have started a project, you have to be careful with adding features which can push the launch date way past the orignial timeline. We are big believers in creating a project plan with multiple roll out features. And if you find yourself with more ideas than when we started we can talk about when we can start working on those features.

    • Design

    • Ask Questions
    • Research
    • Plan
    • Get Feedback
    • Develop

    • Coding
    • Testing
    • Get Feedback
    • More Testing
    • Deploy

    • Launch
    • Final Bug Fixes
    • Support or Maintenance

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